The most important moment for you and the beginning of our cooperation. You deliver the key of your home to us and therefore you know that there is a person in Greece who will be responsible for handling the services that will be agreed upon.

Because prevention is very important we visit your home and check its good condition and safety. A checklist is completed with a description of the checks performed along with a report of any problems found. Then, they are sent to you electronically along with photographic material, both from inside and outside your home. The cost depends on the visit frequency and accessibility of the house and is determined by agreement with you.

One Greek saying goes: "Half of the nobility is cleanliness". That's why we, along with specialized crews, undertake the thorough cleaning of your home both internally and externally. The cost depends on the size of your property as well as the frequency and is determined by agreement with you.

Because we do not want anything to go wrong either during your stay or in your absence, specialist crews visit your home inspecting electrical-plumbing installations, mechanical equipment, air conditioning units, fire-fighting and security systems. A checklist with descriptions of the checks is completed and sent to you electronically. If maintenance is required or a malfunction is detected, you are immediately informed of the problem as well as of the maintenance and repair costs so that you can arrange for us to complete the work. The cost is determined by agreement with you.

A well-designed and well-tended garden improves the image of a home as well as the mood of the tenants. In collaboration with specialized crews we take care of your garden such as watering plants, pruning, lawn mowing, fruit harvesting and improvement works. The cost depends on the size of the garden, the variety of plants and its features and is determined by agreement with you.

The pool is a special place for a home. It upgrades it aesthetically as it offers unique moments of enjoyment to its residents. Its maintenance is very important so we, along with specialized crew, take care of filling-emptying, adding chemicals, improving water quality, checking mechanical installations and regularly changing filters. The cost depends on its size and features and is determined by agreement with you.

Because in this world we do not live alone and nature is full of pathogens that cause diseases to humans and animals, we undertake, after consultation with specialized crew, to eliminate problems caused by microorganisms, rodents and insects in your home. The cost is determined by agreement with you.

In areas without a central sewerage system, septic tanks are used to collect waste water that must be emptied when they get full. We take care of checking and contacting the waste disposal company to empty the tank. The cost is determined by agreement with you.

We undertake the financial handling of electricity, water, telephone and internet bills. We then send you the payment receipts electronically. The cost is determined by agreement with you.

In cooperation with a large accounting firm we undertake all your obligations towards the Greek tax office.

Our home is one of our most important assets. It houses our family, our dreams and our most important moments. This requires our care and foresight to protect our property from any unexpected. We undertake home insurance for you, in collaboration with the largest and most reliable insurance companies.

One famous architect once said: “How is it possible to think of a building without imagining how time will write on its surfaces? How will its materials age? Its weather behavior and endurance? Everything changes over time ”. Therefore, in collaboration with specialized technical staff, we undertake, after consultation with you, to restore your home to its original state by performing tasks such as repairing paint damage, removing moisture problems, inspecting and repairing tile roofing, woodworking etc.

Because we consider it important that your home needs to be fully equipped on your arrival, we undertake, after consultation with you, to fully meet your purchasing needs.

Because our passion and love for what we do has no limits, we can provide you with high quality special services so that your stay will be truly unforgettable!

  • We will pick you up from your arrival point and transfer you to your destination.
  • Personal driver services throughout your stay.
  • Cleaning maid services.
  • Personal Chef Services.
  • Babysitting services.
  • Guided tours of historical sites, excursions, boat hiring etc.
  • Event, party organization and barbeque services.