This package aims to ensure your carefree. As subscribers of this package you are sure that your home is under control throughout your absence, and upon arrival we will make sure to have it ready to save valuable holiday time.

The services included in this package are as follows:     

  • Key Holding Service     
  • Monthly visit to your property for visual inspection and reporting of visible problems.     
  • Monthly email report on your property status.     
  • Book-Diary of the property with detailed record of its condition and the tasks that may be needed.     
  • Ventilation of the property every month.     
  • Annual general cleaning, whenever you ask for it.     
  • Emergency call to the owner for immediate information in case of damage.     
  • 24 hours contact service to report problems or provide information.     
  • Receiving the bills and sending them by e-mail.

If a garden or a swimming pool is included in your property, their maintenance cost is calculated after an autopsy and is added to the Basic Package billing.

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